The Original
Window Restrictor


WinLock is German engineered, and tested covered by ISO 9001 certification.
Its strict process of quality control ensures each
and every winLock is an epitome of performance & reliability.

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Why choose Winlock

  • Designed in Germany
  • Fits to any window type and material
  • Complies with Germany legislative requirements
  • Strong stainless steel bullet head, high tensile steel cable
  • Manufactured to ISO9001 quality standards
  • Key to lock and unlock
  • Available in white, brown or silver

WinLock is the original cable window restrictor that is designed to improve child safety by reducing the risk of falls from windows and also improve security within your home.

What is a Window Restrictor?

Much like how a door chain works, a Window Restrictor is placed between the window and the ledge to restrict the maximum angle the window panel is able to open.

This restriction helps improve the safety and security of your windows whilst still providing you with unmatched view of the scenery you paid so much for.

Benefits of a Window Restrictor

Protect your Children

Kids have inquisitive minds as their little brains set out to explore this brand new world. The danger however, arises when they unknowingly push the boundaries of safety and flirt dangerously with life threatening situations just because they didn’t know better.

Over the past couple of years, there has been a rise in the number of kids falling from windows and/or innocently climbing over window ledges due to lack of supervision. This moment of folly could lead to disastrous consequences.

Having a Window Restrictor on your windows is akin to childproofing your cabinets and wardrobes. It helps encourage your child to explore whilst ensuring that they do so in a safe environment.

Window restrictors are not just for kids, they are also equally important for nannies who carry kids in their arms. When carried, kids are often held above the window ledge where a misstep would be catastrophic.

Relatively Cheap

Aside from Window restrictors, other Childproofing Window treatments in the market today include having window grilles and/or invisible grilles.

Depending on the material of the window grille, prices can start from a few hundred dollars and go all the way up to a few thousand dollars. Winlock’s window restrictor on the other hand, protects the safety of your child but is relatively much cheaper than the other 2 available options. A set of window grills for just one window panel can easily cost up to 5 times as much as a Window restrictor.

Unobstructed View

Window Grilles, which are heavy and bulky, tend to restrict the view outside your window. The view your property agent sold you so much about to convince you to get that high floor unit, nullified by a simple safety feature such as a grill.

On top of the price, the best thing about Window Restrictors is that it also offers unobstructed view of your surroundings.

Allows Breeze

Window Restrictors merely limits how much the Window can open and doesn’t lock it completely. You would still be able to open your window and allow wind to enter your room.

Easy Installation

To install your Window Restrictor, all you need is a pen, a ruler and a drill. Window Restrictors are easy to install and can be done easily with the help of our guides. If you don’t feel confident, you can also opt to have a certified professional install it for you.


Window Restrictors are used on a when-need-to basis. On days you do not need the width restriction, simply unlock the restrictor with the given key and push the button to eject the cable holding the window.

Who should get a window restrictor?


There’s nothing more primal than the instincts of a parent. We want to ensure that our kids are safe in any environment. If you are a parent with kids below the age of 8, window restrictors are perfect to help child proof your home and help keep them safe.


On the other end of the spectrum, the elderly with limited strength in their arms would find window restrictors extremely helpful in the event that they slip and fall towards a window.

Private Estates

If you stay in a landed property, Window restrictors are able to safeguard your home from burglars etc and stop unwanted people from entering through your window.

Child Care Centres 

Child proofing your windows is imperative at Child Care Centres. Child Care Centres are packed with plenty of kids who may unknowingly or during moments of playfulness, expose themselves to the dangers of the window. With a whole class to take care of, teachers and supervisors may not be able to constantly watch individual kids and warn them of these dangers.


As a hotel manager, your responsibility is simple, ensure that your guests are safe and that they do not pose a threat to the local community. Window restrictors do just that. They prevent intruders from entering your rooms from the windows and at the same time restricts the window gap and prevent your guests from slipping/falling. The restriction also discourages rowdy guests from throwing things from the hotel room which might result in injuries etc. 


With winlock's window restrictors, hospitals would have the option to open the windows and have fresh air come in, whilst knowing that it is safe for both the elderly and the unwell who may lack the required strength in their arms to prevent any mishaps from happening near the windows.

Introducing Winlock - The Original Window Restrictor from Germany

WinLock is German engineered, and tested by ISO 9001 certification. Its strict process of quality control ensures each and every winLock is an epitome of performance & reliability. It is tested and certified in Singapore to withstand horizontal force of 2952N (300kg).

Independently Certified & Tested

To ensure it meets international safety standards, Winlock’s Window Restrictors are separately and independently tested by various third party certification companies (Setsco Services, Singapore Test Services, TUV-SUD etc).

3 Different Colours

Winlock Window Restrictors comes in 3 available colours. Brown, Silver and White, to ensure that you are able to find one that best matches your window frame.

1 Size Fits All

Winlock’s universal Window Restrictor can be installed on all window types, sizes and openings.

How does the Window Restrictor work?

The Window Restrictor comes in 2 separate components, the base unit and the outer unit (the one with the keyhole). The base unit is to be attached to the window ledge while the outer unit is to be attached to the actual window frame.

To use the Window restrictor, fully insert the cable from the base unit into the outer unit and ensure that you hear a click.

To eject the cable, simply press the button on the keyhole and the cable will automatically be ejected. For maximum security, we recommend locking the eject function with the key provided, to prevent kids from accidentally ejecting the cable.

This design increases window safety and security by allowing the window to be opened and closed to the restricted distance without the use of a key each time.