• Will the WinLock window restrictor work with my windows?

    The high performance WinLock restrictor can be fitted to all window and door materials and styles with several options of fixings and anchorage when installing the lock body and the fixed plate. Assessment and correct choice and methods of screw or bolt fixings is paramount for safety/security, with due consideration to the type of materials, ie. Timber, steel, aluminium, UPVC, and window or door configuration, i.e side hung / top hung casement, tilt/turn, sliding, etc.

    Each installation project must be surveyed and evaluated prior to fixing the winLock window restrictor to determine the appropriate fixings/anchorage and of the designated restricted opening.

    The WinLock restrictor MUST NOT be fitted to areas of decaying timber, corroding steel or units that are in disrepair.

  • Is it strong enough to prevent my child from pushing the windows out?

    WinLock has undergone tests and certification to ensure that all load test are passed and meet the highest of standards. Its tension cables are able to withstand up to a horizontal force of 2952N (300KG) before breakage. 

  • What if I lost the key?

    Every WinLock set comes with 1 key. WinLock keys are universal and any WinLock key can be used to lock/unlock. Should you need any replacement keys, please contact us at returns@winlock.co
  • Will it be installed on my window frame?

    Yes. The lock body will be installed on the moving window frame, and the fixed plate with the cable will be installed on the fixed window frame.

  • What is the warranty period?

    Every WinLock window restrictor is tested to ensure its performance and quality are met.

    Should you receive any faulty or defective unit within the 5 YEARS warranty period, please contact us at returns@winlock.co

  • Is the product durable?

    WinLock is German engineered, and is also tested and covered by ISO 9001 certification.
    Its strict process of quality control ensures each and every WinLock window restrictor is an epitome of performance & reliability.

    The product has undergone load tests and is certified by SETSCO SERVICES, SINGAPORE TEST SERVICES and TUV SUD PSB.

  • What are the available colours?

    Currently, there are 3 colours available: White, Brown and Silver.

  • How do I maintain the WinLock window restrictor?

    • Clean body and cable components occasionally with a damp cloth
    • Frequently check the WinLock window restrictor's body fixings by manually identifying any excessive movement of the screw fixings. Should there be excessive play, remove the plastic cover caps and screws. Access the failure of the fixings and refit appropriate screws/bolts, etc. In some instances, die tap back plates and screws may have to be used. Refit caps.
    • Check the anchorage of the linkage into the lock body and fixed plate by pulling the cable manually. If there is excessive movement of the cable within the anchored body, replace the complete linkage with new.