Installation guide

Installs in less than
5 minutes.

Winlock is simple to install and can be done by yourself. Everything you need comes included in the box. You can either hire our certified professionals or DIY and Install it on your own with our guide.

WINLOCK Fitting Instructions:

  • Measure a maximum opening distance of 13 cm from the fixed frame to the open window frame
  • Ensure the cable body forms a right angle or L-shape
  • Secure the lock body (A) on the open window frame using the screws
  • Hold the cable bracket (B) on the fixed window frame in the fully extended position to ensure the opening distance does not exceed 13cm
  • Secure the cable bracket (B) to the open window frame using the screws
  • Place screw cap over the lock body hole
  • Test lock function by locking and unlocking with the key provided